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     BEEN THERE -- GOT THE WIG! (R)             Breakfast Club               *   *   *   *        
     Women "Chemo Buddies" meet for
Comradery -- Conversation -- Comfort Food

       "A cheerful heart is good medicine"
                                             Proverbs 17:22

WHO:    Women currently undergoing, or                         about to start, treatment for any
                type of cancer.

SIZE:     Groups are small,  to create and                           maintain an intimate, personal,                            environment.

MOOD:  Positive, Upbeat, Faith-based.
                We thank God for everyday.
                We celebrate life.....and breakfast.

WHEN,WHERE:  Various Time, Day, Place.  

HOW:    Buy-Your-Own breakfast.

WHY:     We can empathize, because we've                     "Been There";  and there's  healing                   in knowing that you're not alone. 
               And  we laugh a lot, too. 

(Endorsed by the American Cancer Society,
  regional branch, Stockton, California)

                     Copyright Jana Flaig 2015

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